Thursday, April 20, 2017

2017 Rogue River Spring King Salmon Season

We are now booking trips for the 2017 Rogue river spring king salmon season on the upper Rogue. Salmon have made their way into the upper stretches of the river and will increase in numbers over the next few weeks. The peak months for spring salmon fishing are May, June and into early July when fall salmon begin to arrive. We fish for salmon on the upper and middle Rogue May through September.

We have gotten a few questions about closures related to salmon fishing in southern Oregon, but this only applies to commercial and sport fishing in the ocean south of Brookings. This closure does not affect river fishing.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Upper Rogue is Steelhead Green

April 12th - 15th. The upper Rogue river has dropped to a decent level, a high water year for sure, so we continue to concentrate on fishing the slow water in the flats. The water is a perfect steelhead green offering visibility of bait and plugs. We have found most success fishing between Touvelle and Gold Hill, catching a mix of shiny fish, not yet spawned steelhead, and kelts (steelhead that have spawned and are headed back downstream to the ocean). Spring weather conditions have provided enjoyable downriver drifts.   
Brian and Chantelle
Dave and Linda Jo

Kim and Norm
Kevin and Adam

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Upper Rogue River Fishing Report

Upper Rogue river winter steelhead fishing continues. A mix of bright fish and kelts are being caught from the hatchery through Gold Hill. Guides have found success, in this high water spring, side-drifting slow stretches of water and running plugs on the inside corners. Jared and Vanessa, fishing with Nate, landed a couple nice steelies.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Fishing Southern Oregon's Streams

April 2017. We have taken advantage of the abundant water in the rivers and have done some steelhead fishing from the raft on some of the uppermost stretches of the south Umpqua.  Away from the crowds and tucked into forested river canyons we have found some wily, brutish native fish.  Don had some fun landing a few beasts with buddy Fred and guide Brady 2 days ago.

Hi, we had a great day with Brady!  Don is my best friend who I have known pretty much all my life..seriously. He caught that gnarly buck on his first cast! pal got hooked on rivers again. Love, Fred

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Fishing The Rogue Report

We are fishing the upper Rogue for winter steelhead, searching for them along the edges and in slower moving water. The river is high, which helps fish swim to the upper stretches of the river with ease and the water temperature is nearing 52 degrees which is the magic number for returning salmon.  Noal and Jerry landed a few nice winter steelhead, pictured below.