Friday, March 16, 2018

Upper Rogue River Fishing - Good reports for both Steelhead and Salmon

I have added a Rogue River Fishing Report page to our website. I have been monitoring reports and gauges closely and survey our guides daily on current river conditions and catches.

Yesterday, Charlie and Johnny fished the Applegate river, a tributary of the Rogue, and landed a few wiley native winter steelhead. The river was low and clear and fished best in the lower section nearest the Rogue (Grants Pass).

Yesterday, the Army Corp of Engineers reported that 75 winter steelhead have entered the Cole M. Rivers Hatchery in the last 7 days, taking the number from 25 to 100. Winter steelhead fishing has been good in the lower and middle river and it looks like a decent number of fish have arrived in the upper Rogue near Shady Cove-Medford.  

The most recent fishing report for southwest Oregon by ODFW also reported a few spring king Chinook salmon have been caught in the lower river near the coast. Salmon should be in the upper river in a month or so. We'll keep you posted.  

Headed to the river...will report back soon. -Rochelle

March 17, 2017

Charlie and I fished the Hatchery to Shady Cove. The water below Big Butte Creek was perfect steelhead green, above the creek it was very clear. There were several boats on the river and bank anglers in the usual spots. We also noticed boats near Dodge Bridge as we headed to the top, but the river seemed a bit murkier in this section. 

We hooked into several nice winter steelhead and this is the one we took home.  He gave a good fight.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Steelhead Fishing Report for the South Umpqua and Rogue River

March 6, 2018 It's hard to believe my last report was just over a week ago. It feels like we have had an entire winter in that time. It's been snowy here in southwest Oregon which has provided the rivers with much needed water. 

South Umpqua River Fishing Report
Our guides have been fishing on the south Umpqua river near Canyonville about 45 minutes north of Grants Pass for fresh winter steelhead this past week. This favorite section of river for winter steelhead fishing has been productive for these wiley winter fish. The south Umpqua, when conditions are right, is always worth the short drive north. If you are looking to do some Umpqua river fishing, the next few weeks look like they should be the best of the season. 


Yesterday, the Fishing The Rogue crew ventured to the very upper section of the south Umpqua for a little research and development. This unspoiled section of river is rarely fished from a boat, due to some class III/IV whitewater. Our exploratory mission proved successful, hooking into some powerful wild steelies, rafting some technical whitewater and spending some time in the wilds of southern Oregon with friends (and a few otters). Charlie, with his years of whitewater training has a passion for finding river sections that have been rarely boated, let alone fished. For the past few years he has been exploring sections of river that offer the opportunity to do both. We are working on designing fishing trips around these more remote sections of river, offering something a bit different for those seeking an adventure. We now have an Adventure Fishing page. Please check it out here if you get a chance.


Rogue River Steelhead Fishing Report

I know everyone (or maybe it's just me) is waiting for a rush of Rogue river winter steelhead to arrive in the upper Rogue. Our guides have been fishing the upper Rogue near Shady Cove and the middle Rogue just south of Grants Pass and have had some luck landing a mix of winter and summer steelhead. They have also been fishing the Applegate river, a tributary of the Rogue, and have caught some sizeable winter steelhead and trout that are always fun to fight on a fly. 

The Rogue river winter steelhead season has begun and should reach its peak in March/April. This week spring like weather is predicted to cause a rise in the rivers, offering much needed water and improving steelhead migration. I have added a Rogue River Fishing Report page to our website to make it easy to check river conditions.  

Rogue River Spring Salmon Fishing
Spring salmon fishing on the Rogue river gets good by mid May. I was recently reminded that we caught the 1st Fishing The Rogue spring salmon on April 28th last year. 

If you are venturing out for a day on the river and need a shuttle, Rogue River Shuttles is reliable, trustworthy and available to help you with your trip and their number is easy to find here. They offer shuttles on the upper and middle Rogue river 7 days a week. Just give them a little heads up!

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Upper Rogue winter steelhead
South Umpqua winter steelhead

Middle Rogue steelhead

South Umpqua winter steelhead

South Umpqua fly fishing
South Umpqua whitewater
Catching some Umpqua whitewater
Southern Oregon Explorers