Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Rogue River Salmon Fishing Season - May Through September

Last week was a whirlwind of fishing and rafting trips and as the dust settles, it seemed time to reflect. 

Our guides are still fishing for spring salmon on the upper Rogue and as of July 1st, wild kings may be kept below Dodge Bridge Boat Ramp (near Eagle Point/south of the town of Shady Cove). It seems like we are at the point in the spring salmon season when the run is mostly comprised of wild fish, with most hatchery fish having arrived earlier in the season. Although over 700 hatchery spring Chinook have been recycled back into the fishery near, the town of Gold Hill since the last day of June, giving anglers a 2nd chance at some spring salmon. We have also seen the beginning of some regular summer steelhead catches, and since we are at the beginning of their run they are chrome bright and have a lot of fight. Our guides have been catching steelhead using both conventional (gear) and fly fishing techniques 
Rogue -river-salmon-and-steelhead-fishing
We used to have 2 very distinctive runs of king Chinook salmon on the Rogue, spring and fall, but it seems now with the removal of most dams, it is one long run of kings from May through September. 

We are now at the point in the summer when we wonder if some of our catches are early fall fish, due to size and color. We have heard several predictions (based on ocean fish counts) of a large run of  "fall" Rogue river bound salmon this year and we look forward to the possibilities.  

With the heat of summer setting in it seems the perfect time for fishing, in the cool of the morning, and in the afternoon cooling off with some whitewater.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Fishing The Rogue is Now Rafting The Rogue Too!

Last week we had the pleasure of fishing and rafting with Roger, Donna and their grandson Kiennan in celebration of Kiennan's 13th birthday. Catching salmon and a few big rapids was a great way to spend the 4th of July holiday! 

Now's the time to beat the heat. Join us for a day of whitewater rafting on Oregon’s Rogue river. The Rogue's 150 plus miles of twists and turns has something to offer everyone who adventures down it. Being a family outfitter, we can customize every trip. 

If a mellow float down a lazy stretch of river and wildlife viewing  is your thing, we can do it. If seeking a thrill by charging down class 3 and 4 rapids is more your style, we can do that too. How about some kayaking? Or let’s just do it all!

Rafting trips are a 4 person minimum.

A full day trip (6 hours) with lunch, $100 per person

A half day trips (3 hours) with snacks and drinks, $75 per person

Our raft guides are licensed, insured, have CPR and 1st Aid Certification, Swift Water Rescue training and extensive whitewater experience. All safety equipment and gear is provided. 

For more information just give us a call at 541.326.9486 or Contact Us online.




Sunday, July 1, 2018

Rogue River Fishing Guides Getting To Reel Some In! Upper Rogue Salmon

Happy July!  We are in the heat of summer fishing now here on the upper Rogue. As of today, you are allowed to keep native, as well as, hatchery salmon below Dodge Bridge Boat Ramp (just downstream of Shady Cove, just north of Medford). 

July and August are great months to fish the upper river if you are wishing to take a salmon home, with this rule change doubling your chances. 

Due to the July 1st change, the last few days of June are often quieter than usual on the river. Our guides took this opportunity to take a trip down the river together. Charlie, Brady, Johnny and Brandon spent the day doing a bit of research for their fishing trips for the week ahead and each getting a chance to get off the oars for a chance and to do some fishing for themselves. 

Happy fishing! For more information or to book a trip, call us at 541.326.9486 or Contact Us online.