Thursday, October 18, 2018

Updates - Steelhead Fishing on the Rogue, Salmon Fishing on the Elk

Well its been a busy month since my last post. Charlie crossed Oregon by bike, hike and boat with me as his support crew. He traveled north from the California to the Washington border in 3 weeks time. While we were crossing our beautiful state, our team of guides were busy fishing for summer steelhead on the upper Rogue, fly fishing and bug and bubble spin casting and on the middle Rogue running plugs and side drifting. 

Steelhead and Salmon Fishing Update For The Rogue River
In the most recent Recreation Report put out by ODFW they report a very strong run of summer steelhead on the Rogue that should continue for another month or two, which is good news since on November 1st the regulations on the upper river change back to allow fishing with bait and lures. After months of fly only, this change usually leads to some very productive fishing. 

ODFW also reports that Coho salmon have been caught in the lower Rogue and are present in the Grants Pass area (Middle Rogue). The Chinook salmon season is now over but Coho salmon fishing has just started, and, although, it has been a small run in the past few years can be a welcome surprise when steelhead fishing.

Elk and Sixes Rivers Salmon and Steelhead Season

On the 14th Charlie and I moved back to the coast enjoying the sunny 70 degree weather, surf and crabbing while waiting for salmon season to open on the Elk and Sixes Rivers, we assume shortly.  We walked down to the mouth of the Elk this morning, which is currently open to the ocean, and watched several anglers catch and land kings right at the river mouth. Several guys reported seeing lots of fish in the river mouth for the past few days. This seems to be the only spot to fish the Elk right now as the river level is too low for them to make it upstream. All that is needed though is a decent storm for the river to rise. 

We also checked the Sixes River mouth which is still duned with sand, but like the Elk just needs some rain. Looking forward to another salmon and steelhead season in Port Orford. We'll keep you posted.  

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