Thursday, April 24, 2014

Upper Rogue River Oregon Salmon Fishing Report

Upper Rogue River, Oregon Spring Salmon Season 2014 is Here! 

The Chinook (king) salmon is the official fish of Oregon. A number of Chinook salmon populations are considered endangered, but overall in Oregon the species is making a healthy recovery. 

I am often asked “What is the difference between a salmon and a steelhead?” The easiest answer is steelhead are sea-run rainbow trout and salmon are salmon.  Both are in the same family of fish called salmonids.

Chinook salmon first show up outside the river mouth (near Gold Beach) in the early spring. "Springers" tend to be smaller than their fall cousins, but are super-plump and full of omega-3 rich fat to last them on their river journey until they spawn. The colder temperature of the headwaters (here on the upper Rogue) is their destination. read more...

Happy Spring!

Charlie, Rochelle & Gracie

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