Friday, April 28, 2017

Rafting The Rogue (158 miles)

Mojo, Mike, and I put in at the hatchery today. Going all the way to Gold Beach. -Brady
Brady, Mike and Mojo rafted the main stem of the Rogue river last week, put on the river, Monday 4/17 at Cole M. Rivers Fish Hatchery, Trail, OR and landed at Jot's Resort, Gold Beach before 10 am on 4/25...8 nights - 9 days. 

Day 1. Brady, Mike and Mojo put on the river in the afternoon and floated the upper Rogue through Shady Cove, spending the night at Brady's house, on the bank of the river. 

Day 2. Brady and crew headed downstream toward Gold Hill, floating the beautiful stretch of the upper Rogue that is home to some of our most favorite fishing terrain. Just below the old Gold Ray Dam site at Fishers Ferry boat ramp, Charlie joined the crew for the Nugget Powerhouse class IV whitewater run. Mojo and I drove riverside and got some good footage. 

Charlie climbed on board for the Nugget Powerhouse run today. The gear boat was a little sluggish, but we kept everyone off the swim team. -Brady

The crew taking a quick break at the Gold Hill Bridge before heading downstream toward Grants Pass and into the Wild and Scenic Rogue Wilderness area.
Day 3. Brady reported, "We made it to the Applegate river last night right at dark. Camped at the mouth. At Hog Creek by lunch. Bad weather is coming tonight so going to camp early in Hellgate Canyon. Cell reception is spotty at best now." 

Day 4 to Day 7. The crew floats the Rogue National Wild and Scenic section, 84 miles of the lower Rogue just west of Grants Pass and ending 11 miles upstream of Gold Beach. It is one of the original 8 river sections included in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968. An Oregon state scenic waterway. Known for its challenging whitewater, salmon and steelhead fishing, wildlife viewing and steep forested canyons.  The canyon is remote, pristine and a true wilderness experience. US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management

"All have lived a long time, with energy that comes from years in vast, rugged country within earshot of the sound of flowing water. In each person exists a love of the river canyon which draws them back year after year." 

Illahe, The Story of the Settlement in the Rogue River Canyon by Kay Atwood 1978

Day 8. The crew is finally back in cell phone range, Brady writes, "Going to wait out the weather here. Taking out at the bay tomorrow...probably. Can you check the high and low tides for me."  

"Wow we made it to the saltwater. What a trip. Lots of rain and cold weather. Mike and Mojo were real troopers. Thanks everyone for all your help. As soon as our shuttle shows up at Jot's we'll be on our way back to the valley and a hot shower." -Brady
Day 9 We made it!!!!!!!! -Mike