Thursday, May 11, 2017

Upper Rogue River Salmon Guide's Fishing Report

Neil proved that learning a new skill can really pay off!  Under the tutelage of guide Charlie, Neil learned how to back bounce shrimp and roe in the best salmon holes on the upper section of the Rogue river. Neil hooked and landed several large native king (Chinook) salmon. The one pictured above was hard fought under the gaze of a large bald eagle roosting above. Fishing southern Oregon at its best!

Upper Rogue River Fishing Guide's Report: The season started off fairly good before the big rise in water. The rise in water slowed the bite for a few days, but seems to have allowed the movement of more salmon upstream. As the water has dropped over the past few days we have seen fish showing themselves in the main holes of the upper river and have noticed that fish that were mostly concentrated in the 1st mile or two of the river, before the release of water, have been appearing the entire length of the downriver drift through Shady Cove. Catch rates have improved from a few chances a day to a few big fish landed daily. The weather report for the week includes cloud cover, showers and cooler temperatures which should keep the river at a steady level. Consistent water levels encourage salmon to settle in holes and improves fishing conditions. Early "Springer" season offers a quiet wilderness fishing experience with less boats and ample opportunity to catch.