Sunday, August 13, 2017

If you're looking for an a great way to spend a day in southern Oregon


August 13, 2017 - Wow I can't believe it's been a week since my last post!  I woke up this morning with a lot of work on my hands. Time flies when you live, eat and breathe fishing (lol). It's been a very busy week of catching glorious Rogue river fall salmon and their equally amazing cousins the Rogue river summer steelhead.  

Strong bites, hard fights, 1st fish for some, limits for others and a great time had by all (as you can see from all the smiles). We are grateful for each new day, and especially the days we share on the river with friends. 

A big thank you to our guests and guides alike for a job well done and a week well spent!  
                                                       Rochelle & Charlie




If you're looking for an a great way to spend a day in southern Oregon, Fishing The Rogue river should top your list. The best fishing near Medford, Ashland and Grants Pass Oregon and a short drive/flight from almost anywhere! 


Fishing Report for the upper Rogue river for the week ahead - Sunny and warm with a very good chance of large, shiny fish!

We've made it through some very hot summer temperatures and are cooling off into the 80's and low 90's for the week ahead as a high pressure system returns to southwest Oregon. As the weather cools so does the river temperature, which encourages more salmon and steelhead to leave the warmer water of the Rogue bay and lower sections of the river and head upstream to the upper Rogue. 

We've found success the past few weeks with multiple techniques. Plugs have been working best for steelhead and back bouncing or bobber (float) fishing a shrimp cocktail have been working well for salmon.