Thursday, October 19, 2017

October Fishing Report for the Elk and Sixes River, Port Orford

After a few days of sunshine, it has started to rain here on the southern Oregon coast. Charlie and I took a look at both the Elk and Sixes rivers yesterday afternoon. We spoke to an employee at the Elk River hatchery and he reported that the salmon smolt are ready to be released and they are just waiting for the river to come up. The ideal level is 2 feet and usually a cumulative total of 6 inches of rain (over several days) is enough. The release of the smolt coincides with the 1st adult king salmon moving into the river. The next few days of rain may be enough to bring fish into the rivers, but if not, there are more storms forcasted in the very near future. As you can see the Elk and Sixes are low and clear (great for viewing the terrain of the river bottom and studying the deep holes where salmon settle), but, as we know, these natural rain fed rivers can change quickly often in a matter of days, or hours to fishable levels.  We will keep you posted...

For the most current Elk river fishing report call 541.332.0405.