Tuesday, October 17, 2017

We have been away from the office for a few weeks...


October 17, 2017 

After a very busy salmon and steelhead season we took the opportunity to take some time off to float the wild and scenic section of the lower Rogue river with friends and family.  


The lower Rogue is one of the most scenic rivers in Oregon and offers fun whitewater, pristine camping and great hikes along the Rogue River Trail.  Pictured above, is the wooden boat used by author and angler Zane Grey in 1925 as he explored the Rogue with 9 other adventurers. With my fellow 9 adventurers we enjoyed the "wildness" of the river too encountering black bear, otters, seals, eagles, ouzels, waterfalls, deep canyons and lush wilderness.



While scouting Rainie Falls we observed (and caught one on video) numerous salmon and steelhead still headed upstream to their spawning beds. 

Our dedicated guides who stayed behind to hold down the fort while we were away have been targeting steelhead on the upper Rogue, side drifting yarn and fishing flies under a float. There are plenty of fresh steelhead in the upper river. 

October is a time of transition in our fishing season (and our lives).  We are now at the tail end of salmon fishing on the middle Rogue and have started our move to the southern Oregon coast waiting in eager anticipation for the 1st big storms, which will kick off salmon season here on the Elk and Sixes rivers. 

Charlie and I have begun to set up house on the coast and enjoyed a sunny calm morning paddling the Pacific.  

We will be fishing for steelhead for the next few months on the upper Rogue, with the 1st 2 weeks of November being some of the most fun and productive. And we will be fishing for king salmon on the southern Oregon coast, soon, through the beginning of the year.