Sunday, October 1, 2017

Year-Round Fishing for Salmon & Steelhead on Southern Oregon's Rivers


October Salmon and Steelhead Fishing Report for Southern Oregon, Rogue, Sixes & Elk Rivers.

Rogue River Report - Salmon
October 1st brings changes to the fishing regulations here on the Rogue river. Salmon fishing is allowed below Hog Creek, which is located downriver from the town of Merlin, west of Grants Pass. 

Fishing regulations change this time of year to protect spawning salmon. Salmon return to spawn where they hatched, and the upper sections of the Rogue right are now filled with salmon sitting on their redds, preparing for this event. Lower sections of the Rogue (near Merlin/Grants Pass) still have salmon returning, and not yet spawning, having entered the river mouth a bit later than their upstream cousins. 

Rogue River Report - Summer Steelhead
Summer steelhead fishing on the upper and middle Rogue river continues and steelhead are fresh and chrome bright (as you can see in the photos above). Guides are fishing for steelhead on the upper river using flies under a float or nymphing with fly gear and on the middle Rogue they are side-drifting yarn and bait. On November 1st, we will again be allowed to use bait and lures on the upper river.



With the onset of fall, wildlife has been on the move, migrating from higher elevations down to the river.  Last week, while salmon fishing in Gold Hill Nate captured this black bear on the river bank. 

Port Orford Fishing Report - Sixes & Elk Rivers
Charlie and I enjoyed a few days on the southern Oregon coast last week reconnecting with friends in our home away from home, Port Orford. We found a nice "guide" house to rent for the winter and will be moving in on October 15th. We are counting the days for the Elk and Sixes to again be teeming with fresh from the ocean salmon and steelhead.  These "creeks" will only need a few storms to become rivers again. And, well, if you can count on anything in Oregon...its rain!  

We think these twin rivers offer some of the best fall salmon fishing in Oregon, let alone the Oregon coast. 

Hopefully soon we will be posting coastal salmon pictures for 2017-2018, but for now here are a few that we caught last year.


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