Thursday, November 30, 2017

Winter Fishing in Oregon on the Elk, Sixes, Rogue and Umpqua

Thank you Judd and Melanie for the video!

We are still fishing the Elk, Sixes and Rogue rivers. The Elk and Sixes, on the southern Oregon coast, for salmon and the Rogue near Shady Cove (Medford/Ashland) for steelhead. The Elk and Sixes (just minutes apart), one or the other and occasionally both rivers have been consistently fishable this past week. We have had several storms punctuated by dry days. The rivers have been fairly busy with boats and anglers. The salmon caught have been mostly bright and all have cut out deep salmon red. 

Looking to do some winter salmon fishing in Oregon? Now's the time!  We will be fishing for Elk and Sixes river salmon through the end of the year.  

Brady will return to being a Rogue river fishing guide for the next week, headed back to the Rogue Valley for some fishing trips on the upper Rogue, fly fishing and side-drifting for steelhead.  I will offer a fishing report for the Rogue soon.  

Guides have reported that winter steelhead have been caught on the north Umpqua river, signaling the very beginning of the steelhead season on the Umpqua river. 

We are now booking winter steelhead trips for the south Umpqua.  We will be fishing the Umpqua river January through March.

Charlie with a king he caught using his new Rogue Rod.



For the best times and locations for winter and spring steelhead and salmon fishing check out our seasons page.

I have added a new page to the website, Elk and Sixes Rivers' Fishing Report, which has current river conditions.

And, finally, if you are headed out for a trip down the Rogue, on your own, for a day of fishing or rafting and need your car moved from the put-in to the take-out we highly recommend Rogue River Shuttles.