Thursday, January 4, 2018

Now's the time to fish the southern Oregon coast, through mid January.

We have been fishing at the coast on the Elk and Sixes since the 1st salmon of the season arrived in October. The Sixes is now closed for salmon fishing and the Elk salmon season will end the last day of March. 

Winter steelhead have just started to arrive and we have been targeting them on the Sixes river for the past week.  

Both rivers have been low and clear and as of a few days ago we started to fish from our raft which is easier to maneuver through very low water. Today it has started to rain and it is predicted to continue for the next few days. This should help the rivers rise and give them a bit of color, which always helps increase catch rates (since they can't see you coming!)  The ocean conditions have also been favorable, calm waters and very high tides, which should encourage more steelhead to head upstream. 

 If you are interested in fishing the southern Oregon coastal rivers we will be here through mid January. Now's the time to explore the very upper section of the Sixes river (rarely seen, floated or fished), the Millicoma, and the Coquille for fresh winter steelhead.

Our guides have also been running trips on the upper Rogue river, near Shady Cove/Medford, for steelhead with success. The Rogue is almost always fishable, being dam controlled and even on the coldest days our boats are heated to keep you comfortable.

We will begin fishing the south Umpqua river at the end of January and will post as soon as we land our first winter fish (steeelhead).

Spring salmon fishing on the Rogue river is just around the corner with May and June being the best months. Salmon season on the Rogue runs May through September.  


Sometimes fishing remote rivers brings its obstacles. The 1st float down the upper Sixes offered us this surprise. No problem, this is why you hire a guide!