Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Conditions for the Week Ahead Look Ideal for Winter Steelheading

January 27, 2018 South Umpqua River Fishing Report, Upper Rogue River Fishing Report.

The river and weather conditions for the week ahead look ideal for winter steelhead fishing on the both the Umpqua and Rogue rivers

Over the past few weeks our guides have had multiple fish days on the south Umpqua near Canyonville and this past week have landed the 1st winter steelhead of the season on the upper Rogue. near Shady Cove (Medford). 

National weather service river level prediction for the south Umpqua river near Tiller, Oregon

National weather service river level prediction for the Rogue river at Dodge Bridge (upper Rogue)

The fairly warm, dry start of winter delayed the beginning of winter steelhead season a bit, but over the past weeks we have seen a decent amount of rain and snow, which has helped the rivers in southwest Oregon rise allowing steelhead to move upstream. The rivers will be on the drop this week, which is the perfect time for productive steelheading. 

A look ahead...
We will be fishing for winter steelhead through spring on the Umpqua and Rogue rivers and by May salmon season on the upper Rogue begins. We will be fishing the Rogue for salmon through September. 

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