Monday, March 19, 2018

A Push of Winter Steelhead into the Upper Rogue

One of the best things about fishing in southern Oregon are the many fishing opportunities, year-round. Winter and spring are generally mild here and seasonal rain and snow feed our rivers and help our fish populations survive and thrive. The warming spring temperatures and showers are helping to keep our favorite steelhead waters in good shape. We will continue fishing for the mighty chrome winter steelhead until the 1st spring king salmon arrive in the upper river and then salmon season will begin here on the Rogue.

Right now the middle Rogue river (Grants Pass) and the south Umpqua river near Canyonville are fishing well for winter steelhead. The upper Rogue (Shady Cove-Medford) is finally beginning to see a push of steelhead into the upper stretches of the river. The Applegate river, a tributary of the Rogue, is also producing nice winter fish now. 

A storm system is moving through and river levels are expected to rise. The river is expected to be on the drop starting on Sunday, the 25th making for perfect conditions for productive steelhead fishing on the Rogue for the week.  

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We look forward to salmon season each year. There is always excitement as to when the 1st king will make its way to the upper Rogue (we know some have already entered the river downstream at the river mouth near Gold Beach). Each year they seem to arrive earlier and earlier (April 28th last year). 

Salmon season fishing is a bit more predictable than our winter season. Most of the year our guides fish the upper Rogue river, near Shady Cove. The Rogue river and our summer weather conditions are consistent and conducive to catching king salmon. 

Planning a spring, summer or fall salmon trip is an easy thing to do well in advance and the location is always just a short drive from Medford, Ashland or Grants Pass. 

I used to think of years, like most, in terms of the usual seasons, winter, spring, summer and fall. Now as a fishing guide family, we live according to salmon and steelhead migration (not a bad way to go!). Our year starts in May with the arrival of king spring salmon "springers" and then as the dry hot sunny summer we enjoy here in the Rogue Valley sets in, fall king salmon arrive in numbers. Our guides fish the Rogue for salmon May through September, with the added bonus of summer steelhead showing in July. In September and October we enjoy fly fishing season on the upper Rogue and by mid October to early November salmon season begins on the coast (Port Orford). As coastal salmon season ends, we head into winter and early spring searching for winter steelhead, 1st at the coast, then on the Umpqua (just one drainage north of the Rogue and 45 minutes north of Grants Pass) and then our late run here on the upper and middle Rogue. 

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Please enjoy the best of our Umpqua, Rogue and Applegate catches for this week.