Sunday, June 17, 2018

Fly Fishing The Upper Rogue River for Summer Steelhead and Trout

While spring salmon fishing gets a lot of attention this time of year on the upper Rogue, and rightly so, it is also a great time of year to fish for steelhead and trout. The Rogue river gets 2 runs of steelhead, one in the summer and the other in winter. They are named aptly so. Steelhead are ocean run Rainbow trout and weigh between 5 to 20 pounds. Their chrome color and powerful fight make them a highly sought after catch.

Summer steelhead are beginning to arrive now and they will be in good numbers by July. The Rogue also offers 2 types of trout, resident Rainbow and Cutthroat. The upper Rogue is now open to trout fishing and you may keep hatchery Rainbows at this time.

Currently, our fly guides are fishing for trout and early summer steelhead nymphing dry flies or side drifting. Both techniques are fairly easy to learn and enjoyable ways to fish for both the beginner and the more experienced angler.

As we move more into summer we will offer combination trips, fishing early in the day for king salmon and steelhead during the second half of the trip. 

We will fish for summer steelhead through November (and often into December). 

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We recently had the pleasure of being filmed while fly fishing the upper Rogue. Much thanks to Shane Stiles for his camerawork, fellow angler Andrew Mannion and guide, our newest team member, Johnny coming to us by way of Montana. Enjoy!

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