Sunday, July 1, 2018

Rogue River Fishing Guides Getting To Reel Some In! Upper Rogue Salmon

Happy July!  We are in the heat of summer fishing now here on the upper Rogue. As of today, you are allowed to keep native, as well as, hatchery salmon below Dodge Bridge Boat Ramp (just downstream of Shady Cove, just north of Medford). 

July and August are great months to fish the upper river if you are wishing to take a salmon home, with this rule change doubling your chances. 

Due to the July 1st change, the last few days of June are often quieter than usual on the river. Our guides took this opportunity to take a trip down the river together. Charlie, Brady, Johnny and Brandon spent the day doing a bit of research for their fishing trips for the week ahead and each getting a chance to get off the oars for a chance and to do some fishing for themselves. 

Happy fishing! For more information or to book a trip, call us at 541.326.9486 or Contact Us online.