Saturday, August 25, 2018

It's Been Hot - Rogue River Steelhead and Salmon Fishing

The past few weeks have been great salmon and steelhead fishing on the upper Rogue river, even doubling up on salmon a couple of times (and getting them both to the boat - no easy feat). As we head toward fall we know fishing will only get better. Salmon fishing in the lower Rogue has been good and with an increased release of water from the dam, salmon and steelhead should be encouraged to move further upstream. 

Rogue River Fly Fishing
September 1st through the end of October, the upper Rogue from the hatchery to Fisher's Ferry boat ramp will be designated as steelhead fishing only and is a perfect time to fly fish the upper river or to use the bug and bubble spin casting technique. 

Rogue River Salmon Fishing
Our guides will also continue salmon fishing just a bit downstream between the towns of Gold Hill and Grants Pass.  

And looking ahead...
The upper Rogue changes from fly fishing only back to gear and bait fishing on November 1st. The 1st few weeks of November are always a fun time to fish for aggressive and hungry steelhead. 

November is also a great time to fish for king salmon on the southern Oregon coast. Our guides fish the Elk and Sixes rivers near Port Orford, just north of Gold Beach after the 1st big fall storm, usually in mid October, through January. Something to think about if you have ever wanted to catch a king fresh from the ocean, some of our biggest kings of the year, on some of the most beautiful rivers in southern Oregon. 

For more information about Elk river fishing or Sixes river fishing click here.

Late winter into spring is also a great time to fish for steelhead on some of our more remote rivers if you are looking for an adventure.