Friday, August 10, 2018

Summer Steelhead & Salmon Fishing Has Really Picked Up This Past Week


As of the past few weeks, and in particular this past week, fishing has really picked up for both summer steelhead and salmon on the upper Rogue. It seems there are 2 main factors coming into play. The 1st being that summer steelhead have arrived in numbers in the upper river and we are starting to see the beginning of the fall run of king salmon, which is predicted to be a decent size based on ocean fish counts. The other factor is the local forest fires and the smokey air conditions which have cleared the river of many boats and bank anglers. There is a lot less pressure on the river, which has made for some productive fishing. With less pressure on the river both salmon and steelhead also have more of a chance of moving upstream. In the past few days there has been progress on the fire that affects us the most and there has been improved air quality. Guide-Charlie-and-Keanu-with-a-Rogue-river-steelhead


rogue-river-king-salmon-held- by-Raff-with-his-dad


If you have any questions regarding fishing or air quality near the upper Rogue we are happy to answer them.