Oregon Coast Fishing

We fish for king salmon on the southern Oregon coast after the 1st fall rains. This usually happens in October when many of Oregon's other rivers' salmon fishing is on the decline. We fish for salmon on the coast through January.

The Elk and Sixes Rivers on the rugged southern Oregon coast, are known for their wild runs of Chinook king salmon and winter steelhead stretching from fall into early spring. The Sixes river enters the ocean on the north side of Cape Blanco State Park, a few miles north of the similar-sized Elk River, roughly 5 miles north of Port Orford, Oregon (30 minutes north of Gold Beach) and about 20 miles south of Bandon along highway 101. 

The Elk river, above the Elk river salmon hatchery, is designated as "wild and scenic" and is protected as one of Oregon's old-growth forest river ecosystems. The Sixes is one of Oregon's most pristine rivers and both rivers are invaluable salmon habitats.

It is not uncommon for the Elk to produce a couple thousand Chinook salmon in a season, an impressive number for a fairly small river. The crystalline blue-green water clears quicker than other streams in the area which makes the Elk and Sixes great companions. After coastal storms, the Elk clears quickly and can be fished shortly after a rain and right about the time the Elk becomes too clear to fish the Sixes is ready to be fished.

The Chetco river, 56 miles in length, near Brookings, Oregon, 30 minutes south of the mouth of the Rogue river in Gold Beach, is a well known river for catching big fall Chinook king salmon and winter steelhead. The Chetco is popular and, thus, a very busy river and is why we often choose to fish the Elk and Sixes, quieter waterways, with equally great results.

Peak Fishing Seasons
Southern Oregon coast peak seasons often translate to more fish caught, but also more anglers and boats on the river. Before and after the peak times we suggest are still great times to catch fish, but also offer a quieter river experience. These are our suggestions for the best chance to catch the most fish. 

Salmon & Rogue Summer Steelhead
This time of year we have guides fishing the southern Oregon coast for salmon and the upper Rogue river for steelhead. As soon as we get fall rain and the coastal river mouths open to the ocean, salmon are able to head upstream. This is the time to fish for some of the biggest and freshest salmon of the year on the coast.